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About WIld Forest

We live together, far out in the Danish countryside, where we write and record all our songs and produce our music videos. We’re constantly inspired by the wonder of the nature around us, and by the closeness of our friendships.

When we create our songs, we step into this magical universe where only the music exists. Afterwards, we try to find a name for it: maybe alternative rock, maybe modern folk, maybe even indie folk-rock… but among ourselves we prefer to call it space-folk.

We have, in our first year together, released three singles: How to Breathe, Spinning Gold and Riddle. And in an attempt to add to the experience of listening to the songs, we are creating our music videos ourselves; to us, it’s simply too integral a part of the art to leave fully into someone else’s hands.

We’re happy that all three songs were well received by online blogs and news sites, and perhaps even happier that wherever we have played our concerts, we have been well received — most recently when we played support for legendary Midnight Oil at their sold out show in Copenhagen.

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